Clinic Staff

At SEC Lung, we recognize that our expectations for excellence in care can only be achieved by combining the expertise of Dr. Rob Garver with (1) friendly (2) caring and (3) competent staff. Our nurses and administrative support staff are both reminded and rewarded for maintaining high standards in these three areas. We know that many of our patients have significant worries and symptoms relating to their health problems, and the SEC Lung staff will do their best to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Research Staff

One of the primary goals established at the start of the Clinical Research Program at SEC Lung was to become a site that would be recognized by both Sponsors and regulatory agencies as one of the best clinical research sites in the country. We do not claim to have achieved that distinction yet, but we are on our way. At this time, SEC Lung is #1 in the US and #3 in the world in numbers of randomized subjects for one of our actively enrolling clinical research studies.   Our initial successes have only been made possible by the outstanding attention to detail, strict adherence to all ethical and regulatory guidelines, and hard work by all members of our talented research staff.

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