COPD Medications

SEC Lung Research has been most focused on clinical research studies testing experimental medicines for COPD. Since COPD is now the third leading cause of death in the US, there is a strong need for better COPD medications. The COPD research studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that contract with multiple, qualified, clinical research sites including SEC Lung to conduct the testing of experimental COPD medications in a standardized fashion at all sites.

There are several different classes of experimental COPD medications, including:

  • Short-acting airway dilators (“bronchodilators”)
  • Long-acting bronchodilators
  • Long-acting anti-inflammatory medications
  • Others – for example, a monoclonal antibody that decreases the production of a particular type of white blood cell thought to play a role in flare-ups of COPD

The experimental COPD medications are delivered by inhalers, nebulizers, or as in the case of the monoclonal antibody study, by injection. Each study will generally target a specific subset of COPD, for example, COPD individuals with frequent flare-ups, another study may target COPD individuals with other associated conditions such as vascular disease. Most of the COPD medication clinical research studies are 6-12 months in duration.

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